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To help every person and organization reach their professional goals.


Hi! My name is Andrew Bennett and I co-founded KnowledgePost in 2014 because I believed there was a major disconnect between those who need professional expertise and those who can provide it.

As of today, there is no website that allows every person and organization to share all of their professional services and learning resources. Using myself as an example, I know I am capable of mentoring, coaching, consulting, speaking and providing other services, but there is nowhere on the web I can showcase those skills. Additionally, I have a variety of articles, books, courses, videos and other learning resources I have curated over time, yet there is no good place to share those either. On the flipside of this dilemma, there is no place on the web where people can go to easily discover a wide variety of professional services and curated learning resources. Today, people have to search google and visit 20+ different websites to find what they want, and that shouldn't be the case.

Simply put, we aim for KnowledgePost to solve this disconnect, and make it easier than ever to find and provide professional expertise all in one place.