Gone are the days of wasting time searching google and going through stacks of promotional mail. KnowledgePost was built to help you quickly find the right professional services when you need it.

KnowledgePost will save me hours, if not days, in time spent searching for the right service providers.

Senior Learning Manager, Fortune 100 Company

How It Works

Get Matched Service

Answer a few specific questions about the service you need, and then we will match you with 1 to 3 providers whose expertise and solutions match your request. It's free and saves you time.

Find Services

If you don't need KnowledgePost's help, you can go to the Find Services search page and immediately start filtering by topic, service, and location to find the service that is right for you.

Compare Solutions

Find the right provider by comparing their services, qualifications, testimonials and other business details. Unlike viewing each provider website independently, KnowledgePost standardizes the format making it easy to compare.

Hire When Ready

Once you find a provider that meets your needs, send them an inquiry with the details of your service request, including: Name, Position, Company, Timing, Budget, Target Audience and other details. When you're ready, hire the provider that's right for you.


KnowledgePost is free for those who are purchasing solutions.

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Providers individuals and organizations of any type that are sharing their professional services and resources.


Buyers include anyone who has signed up on the site and has a need for professional services and resources.

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Contact us along the way if you need help. Simply use the Contact Us Form or email us: info@knowledgepost.co